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Registration of permission to transportation of oversized goods is required if the sizes of load exceed:

It should be noted that permission to transportation of oversized goods affects concrete load and a route. If there is a change of a route, permission has to be renewed.

Advantages of permissions:

Stages of registration of permission:

Stage 1

On the basis of metric data and drawings of load, the specification on it and also a route with the indication of exact addresses of unloading and loading the application form is filled in for permission. Later the application is directed to road service, at the same time it is necessary to consider a route. At the planned transportation across federal highways the application needs to be submitted to governing bodies of the federal highway and if transportation of bulky goods is carried out across the local territory or has interregional character, then it is necessary to address to territorial authorities of management of road economy. If it is about obtaining permission to international transport, the Federal road service of the Russian Federation will consider the application.

Stage 2

Staff of departments after obtaining the statement starts coordination of a route of transportation of oversized goods with various organizations for transportation safety. As a rule, coordination of a cargo transportation takes from 7 to 20 days that in many respects depends on metric data of oversized load or degree of its possible danger.

Stage 3

The following stage after coordination of a route is obtaining the admission in bodies of the traffic police allowing transportation of oversized goods. It becomes for safety, for example, when load is recognized as dangerous or excess of admissible mass-dimensional indicators is fixed. In these cases maintenance of a cargo transportation by the patrol traffic police car or car of cover equipped with flashing indicators is required.

It is also worth noting that permission to transportation of oversized goods affects concrete goods and the road. In case there is a change of a route, permission has to be renewed.

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